Coming Soon May 2024


Steven Masi piano

Frédéric Chopin composer
Claude Debussy composer
Sarah Kirkland Snider composer

Release Date: May 3, 2023
Catalog #: NV6619
Format: Digital

American concert pianist Steven Masi explores the depths of Romantic and Impressionist piano literature on BALLADES & OTHER MUSINGS. Emotive, evocative, and deeply stirring, Masi uncovers previously unheard nuances in both Chopin and Debussy, as well as in their contemporary colleague, Sarah Kirkland Snider, whose musical language seamlessly blends with that of her predecessors.

The precision in Masi’s performance is breathtaking, almost Germanic. It lends an extraordinary clarity to works that are, by their inherent nature, wayward and exalted. Still, generous rubato and creativity in pedaling shine in this program, as does Masi’s crystal-clear tone.